Moto X How-to Guide


This is the online How-to  Guide of Moto X.  It is a live page,  so it will be regularly updated  to add more and more guides, tips and tricks for Moto X owners.

Please bookmark this page and come back later to find more topics.  For online manual, you may check our Moto X Online Manual. If you want to download PDF version of the official User Guide and Get Started Guide, please visit Moto X User Manual page.

The following topics are now covered.

  1. How to take screenshot on Moto X without using any apps?
  2. How to to access developer options in Moto X?
  3. How to add custom ringtones for Moto X?
  4. How to reset Moto X?
  5. How to setup and use Motorola Skip?
  6. How to reset Motorola Assist?
  7. How to silence your Moto X (into silent mode)?
  8. How to solve battery life problem of Moto X after KitKat (Android 4.4) update?
  9. How to add Flash Player support on Moto X (especially after KitKat update)?
  10. How to (check later….)

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    • simon says

      If the mp3 is already in your phone, you can navigate to a song you want to use as a phone ringtone in Music player application. Tap and hold the song in the list to open the context menu, choose Use as phone ringtone.

      The mp3 is now set as the default incoming call ringtone. You can also find it in your Phone ringtone list, so you can assign it to any specific contacts.

      You can also simply copy the mp3 file to the Ringtones folder directly. If it is on your PC, you need connect your Moto X to the PC with the USB cable.

  1. JimA says

    How do I mute or turn off all sound? I want the easiest way to silence the phone when I go into meetings and so on.

    • Ed says

      Wouldn’t that be cool?! Ya, I haven’t figured this out either. It seems like the volume for everything is always out of whack.

      • simon says

        Yes, you can.

        Just press and hold the power button until you feel a vibration. A box will show up in the center of the screen, behind Power off and AirPlane mode, there are three buttons for ringer options: silent mode, vibrate and ring. Touch the Silent mode (the first one from left) to make you Moto X into silent mode.

  2. Kevin says

    The latest camera update is spoze to let you manually focus & exposure. I can’t make it do anything but move the green circle around. Is there a video anywhere that shows you how to do this? I’ve been searching since the camera update & I can’t find anything! Pls help!

    • simon says

      Drag it to a desired location (to be focused), then touch the screen to take a photo.

      if you do not like this feature, you can disable it in the dial (control focus and exposure). It is the third one after the flash control.

      • Kevin says

        Still don’t get it, if they’re calling it manual focus, how would I get a subject in a photo slightly out of focus by using manual control? I still can’t figure out the exposure either. I’m a slow learner….. Thanks!

  3. Kelly says

    how do I attach a picture or video to a message. Everytime I try this, it just keeps saying “sending”. I sent a picture on January 25th and it still says “sending”.

    • simon says

      Probably your MMS settings have some problems. Usually when you insert the SIM card, it is configured automatically. Anyway, you may ring the customer support of your carrier and they will sms you a message. Opening the message will apply correct settings.

        • simon says

          You probably did not get the screenshot successfully. If successful, you should hear a shutter sound (unless you turn off audio) just like taking a photo.

          If you see volume level, or restart options, after press the two buttons, it means the screenshot was not taken successfully.

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