Using Camera


Launch camera

To launch camera in Moto X, you can either:

1. touch moto-x-camera-icon in home screen or app list

2. or quickly twist your wrist twice at any time

moto-x-camera interface

Take photos

Once camera is started, touch anywhere on the screen to take the photo.

Burst: Touch and hold the screen to take multiple shots.


Drag up or down with one finger to zoom between 1X – 4X.



Touch moto-x-camera-switch in the camera screen to switch between front and rear camera.

Touch moto-x-camera-video in the camera screen to switch to video camera and start recording.

Touch moto-x-video-stop  to  stop video recording.

Capture a still shot during a video recording

You can also take still pictures when video is being recorded.  Touch anywhere on the screen while recording to save a photo. 

Adjust camera settings

To access camera settings, swipe the screen right to view these camera options as shown below.


To change camera settings, rotate the dial and adjust the settings as desired. This includes HDR, Flash, Focus,Slow motion, Panorama, Geo-Tag, Shutter tone and Quick capture


Understand the icons

moto x HDR To use HDR. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is best when used for landscapes or outdoor portraits. Not recommended for action shots.
Note: HDR mode will not work when Flash is set to On.

Moto  X camera flash Flash – Set to On,Off or Auto.

moto-x-icon-pano Take a panorama photo

moto-x-icon-geo Geo-tag: tag your photos with a location

moto-x-icon-shutter Shutter tone: turn the shutter tone On or Off

moto-x-icon-quick Quick Capture: turn Quick Capture On or Off

moto-x-icon-focus Tap to focus

moto-x-icon-slow Take a slow motion video

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    • simon says

      Reboot your Moto X will refresh the list

      If you want to locate the file, you may download a file explorer (e.g, ES File explorer). You can also connect your Moto X to PC to find the photos

      • Trenton says

        Can you capture stills from a video that was already recorded? I could do this on my very old HTC one-v and I’m dissapointed my phone doesn’t have this.

        • simon says

          You can use any video editors to extract any frames.

          Some video players also provide such screenshot functions. Unfortunately, the stock one doesn’t provide this function.

    • simon says

      Moto X does NOT allow you to set the resolution. It is always 10MP. You can change the ration to 16:9 (default is 4:3). This is the only choice.

      For the video, it is always 1080p. You have no choice either (except the aspect ratio)..

      When you share photo or video via MMS, Moto X will automatically scale down the photo and video.

        • simon says

          The setting was reported for a few moto x. But, it seems nobody has it any more.
          (it used to be in the dial. Moto G still has it now.)

          • dhclark86 says

            Ok, so bottom line: the Moto X only takes 10mpx, 16:9 photos. Not very flexible. If Republic offered more than one camera, I don’t think I’d own the Moto X… I guess I’m stuck with using MS Paint to change the resolution and aspect ratio of my photos…

  1. Robert says

    Is there a third party camera app that can take lower resolution photos? I simply have no use for 10m photos let alone the storage. The majority of my photos are VGA which I load into field reports and even 2m are too big.

    • simon says

      That will be sent through MMS. Most carriers support this.

      You just compose your message as normal, attach the video, then send as normal message. The recipient can then choose to download the video to his phone.

      If you plan does not include MMS (very rare!), you can try use some other messaging apps, for example, LINE, Vibre, WeChat… Of course, in this case, both you and the recipient must use the same app.

  2. Andrea Ransdell says

    The icon for switching the direction of my camera has disappeared. I am stuck in selfie mode! How can I get the icon back?

  3. says

    IAlready tried that. I rebooted it again per your suggestion, and this time I left it off for 10 minutes, but the icon did not return. I guess I’ll have to take it back to the store and ask them to fix it :(

  4. Andrea Ransdell says

    I cleared the data and the cache, and the icon came back, but as soon as I touched it to flip the camera back to regular view, all it did was take another selfie and make the icon disappear again. I reapeated the process and the same thing happened. I guess I have to take it to the store. Thanks for trying to help!

  5. Andrea Ransdell says

    Now I even uninstalled the updates and changed it to the factory version. Same thing happened. Icon showed up, I touched it to get out of selfie mode, but it took another selfie and the icon disappeared again. :(

    • caryn says

      i’m having the same problem. i’m wondering if you ever resolved it at home or if you had to send your phone in?

      • Andrea Ransdell says

        Hi Caryn. I had to trade my phone in. After several hours spent on it they confirmed that it was not fixable. I hope they give you a new one. I ended up with a refurbished one but its okay

  6. Ken says

    The button to switch from front to rear camera isn’t working. I’ve tried turning off the phone, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

    • simon says

      You can try to reset camera app (settings – apps- camera, tap clear cache, clear data and force stop. Then reboot your Moto X).

  7. rob says

    How do I upload a photo to imgur? I don’t know if its the phone or imgur but I don’t get the option to pull a pic from the gallery, only take a pic with the camera?

  8. Alissa says

    When I try to use my video camera I get a message “not able to capture media” and it will not record, anyone else experience this?

    • simon says

      Did you check whether you are running low on storage?

      You can try to clear cache and clear data for the camera app, then reboot the phone to see whether it helps.

  9. Nanci says

    When I try to view a picture, the screen always turns darker so it’s too hard to see. Is there a setting where I can leave the picture brighter? I’ve already looked in the display settings.

    • simon says

      When screen turns dark, you can use your palm to hide the sensors (on the top of your phone), then move away your palm. In this way, the auto brightness should adjust itself properly.

      If you want, you can turn off auto brightness (not recommended).

      • Nanci says

        I had already tried turning off the auto brightness and it didn’t change anything. Covering the sensors didn’t help either. It only happens when i try to view a photo, either in the camera or if someone texts me a pic. Any other ideas?

        • simon says

          after turning off auto brightness, if you increase the brightness when playing video, do you see any differences?

          You may also try other third-party video players.

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