Notification icons in Moto X


The status bar at the top of the screen contains icons that help you monitor the status of your phone.

signal strength icon  Signal strength. It also means your SIM card is accepted by the carrier.

4g icon Connected to 4G HSPA+ data network.

4G LTE icon Connected to 4G LTE data network.

wifi connected Wifi connected and is being used.

WiFi in Range icon WiFi networks in range, but not connected to any of them.

Bluetooth on icon Bluetooth is on, but not connected.

Bluetooth connected iconBluetooth is connected.

airplane mode icon Airplane mode is on

silent mode on icon Silent mode is on

vibration mode on icon Vibration mode is on

GPS active iconGPS is on

alarn icon Alarm is active

battery charging icon  Battery is being charged

no sim card icon No SIM card, or SIM card is not recognized

emergency mode icon Emergency mode only

warning icon Warning. Something may not work properly.

calendar icon Calendar notification.

email icon New email notification.

hangout icon Google hangout notification.

missed-call icon Missed call notification.

voicemail icon Voice-mail notification.

wireless display icon Wireless display is active.

sleeping mode icon Sleeping mode is activated.  Automatically silences during the hours you normally sleep, except for certain callers.

meeting mode icon Meeting mode is activated. Checks your calendar for events with others and helps you avoid interruptions during meetings.

driving mode icon Driving mode is activated. Measures your speed to detect if you are driving and helps you stay focused by going hands-free and automatically playing your favorite music while driving.

music icon Google Play music is being played.

app updated icon Google Play Store apps updated.

trusted device icon  Trusted device connected.

moto care icon Moto Care  help tips.

screen shot icon Screen shot captured.

screen lock icon Screen lock.


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    • simon says

      H means HSPA. The icon indicates you are connecting to a HSPA 3G network. In some regions, it is called 3.5G because it is faster than normal 3G.

      Of course, it is slower than HSPA+ (still 3G) or 4G LTE.

    • simon says

      It means moto x thinks the internet connection is not stable or not available. But the phone can be wrong sometimes.

  1. Jodi Frank says

    on the old Motorola a number square/flag appeared next to the Icon to let me know i had a notification. Does the Moto X have this option?

  2. Stephanie says

    Can you tell me what it means when you get a symbol resembling sort of a flower petals, that has a dot on the top. It pops up next to where the wi-fi strength would be. Thanks!

  3. Stephanie says

    I keep getting the exclamation point, telling me messages weren’t sent, when they really have been. What can I do to remedy this. Also, some of my texts send are coming up on the receivers end, blank. Thanks for your help!


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