Insert SIM card to Moto X


Moto X can only use Nano SIM card. Make sure you get the correct type (size)  of the SIM card from the carrier.

To insert a SIM card, please follow rthe following steps/instructions:

1.  Power off your Moto X phone. (see this page on:  how to Turn on/off  Moto X phone)

2. Insert the SIM eject tool into the hole near the SIM card tray as shown below.  If you don’t have a SIM eject tool, you may use the end of a small paper clip.


 3. Pull out the SIM card tray as shown below.


4.  Put the SIM card into the tray as shown below.


5. Push the tray back into the phone.


6.  Turn on your phone.

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  1. Kenneth Hulbert says

    The real trick is finding a nano sim card where this phone was sold to me just days ago. They don’t carry it and couldn’t even tell me where to get one!

    • simon says

      Most handphone shops can cut it for you. You can also trim it by yourself by downloading and print the template.

  2. sri says

    I do have a problem in my moto x. It gets disconnected often from network, even when the sim is inside. I need to turn of my mobile, for getting the network back. That too, this trick works only few times. I am really disappointed of this, as the device works great in other things except from sim issue. Can anyone suggeste me ,wat to do for this.

    • simon says

      It sounds like the connector is not good (or maybe it is just dirty). You should ask Motorola service staff to check or fix it.

    • simon says

      You can Google it. Get a PDF file with guiding lines. When printing, you need make sure it is printed on correct paper size. Before trimming, you mad make sure your existing card fits the guiding lines exactly.

      Anyway, all handphone shops now have the special tool to trim it. Most will do it for you for free.


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