How to take screenshot on Moto X without using any apps?


You don’t need any apps to take screenshot in Moto X.

Like any other Android phones, you can take screenshot by simply pressing  and holding both the Power and Volume down key for three seconds. You will hear the shutter sound once the screenshot is taken.

You can view, manager, edit and share the screenshot in the Gallery.

Got any problems? Type your questions  in the comment box below.

If you have other better ways to take screenshot in Moto X  (without using any apps), please share it in the comment box below.

Enjoy your screenshot on Moto X.

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    • simon says

      the timing is important. If it shuts down your phone (or lock the screen), it means you press the volume button too late.

  1. Katie says

    It’s important to push the lower half of the volume button when you do it. I couldn’t get mine to work until i did that.

  2. Beatriz Cananéa says

    Consegui ! Que legal , não vou precisar baixar nenhum aplicativo pra tirar screenshots . =D Obrigado! Beijo da brasileira :*

  3. Steve says

    What a crappy design. It should not be so difficult to do something as simple as a screenshot.
    The Moto X is a disappointment

    • Lolo pio says

      Disappointed in moto x as well I want to take a selfie and have To hold the phone with one hand and touch the screen with the other I hate this set up!!! Why can’t u just hit I side button as well to take a picture and the screen shot set up is awkward as well

  4. Veronica says

    This doesn’t work on the moto x designed by you. Just the regular ones. All the videos I see on YouTube are not design by you phones. Mine doesn’t work. I’ve tried millions of times to do it, and it still doesn’t work. And it’s not my timing or anything. It’s just not possible :\

    • simon says

      This screenshot taking method works on Moto X.

      This is the default method to take screenshot in Android unless vendor purposely block it in the firmware. It is not blocked in Moto X.

  5. I3reazy says

    lmao…. i designed mine and can screen shot just fine. Simon, ur so nice and patient with these technically challenged people.

    • simon says

      You can slightly press power button earlier. Once you get used to it, it is actually very easy.

      This is the default method to take screenshot on Android devices. A few vendors implemented other methods, for example, Samsung galaxy note can take screenshot with the stylus (s pen), or with palm motion, in addition to this method.

      There are some screenshot apps. But most of them need root.

      If you need take a lot of screenshot, for example, recording the screen, you can use some ADB tools on your pc to record phone screen.

  6. I3reazy says

    I take every picture with only one hand!? why do you need two? u hold the phone and bring a finger out and touch the screen… pretty easy. Get snapchat and i think you may even be able to use a ‘side button’.

    • simon says

      Practice. Practice.

      Once you get it once, you will find actually it is very simple to take screenshot on Android.

  7. Ben says

    Thanks the the tip. Noticed that it is easiest if I pressed more on the top portion of the power button and the bottom portion of the volume button together.

    • simon says

      If you need take screenshot frequently, it is better to do it on a PC. You need download Android SDK (use the monitor.bat), and enable USB debugging in developers options.

    • Kunit says

      Make sure you guys are pressing the power button and VOLUME DOWN, not up. They must be pressed and held for at least a second at same time. Make sure you aren’t pressing the entire volume rocker and only pressing the lower half.

      I find it easiest with one hand (easier to get them pressed at the same time).

  8. Molly Neamon says

    Hold your phone in your right hand. Use your thumb to push the lower half of the volume button (same as if u were lowering the volume), at the same time, bring your left hand around the back of the phone, and push in the power button with your pointer finger. Keep holding both buttons in until u hear the click and see the screen shot. Don’t let go right away, it takes a couple seconds to register. That set up is what I found to be most non awkward. It definitely takes practice. But yes, there are apps in the play store that don’t require you to root your phone anymore. They are a little more invasive than the normal method though, you can’t take a screen shot on a whim, or you have a icon floating on your screen.

  9. cj says

    I tried pressing the power button a split second before the (bottom) of the volume rocker and found that it became easy for the first time to take a screenshot! Thanks for the tips!!

  10. Hope says

    I still can’t get it yo work. I have been practicing for months and all it firs is turn the damn phone off.

    • simon says

      Unfortunately, for Moto X, there are no methods by default. Once you get one, you will realize how easy it is.

  11. Stephanie says

    I can take a screenshot just fine with my Moto X however my screenshots keep saving to the Google Photos app instead of to my gallery. Anyone know how to change this?

    • simon says

      The screenshot is always saved on your phone. Photos is just another gallery app with auto backup to Google + (you can disfavor it in Google +). If you open gallery app, you should be able to find the screenshot as in photos.

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